About Our Images

Poems’ online collection features open-edition prints and imagery available for custom resizing and printing on various substrates (POD). Images may be accessed from the navigation column in the sidebar to the left or through Artist pages.

Size & Color

Image and overall paper sizes are listed in both inches and centimeters. Every effort is made to accurately represent our images, however, sizes may vary slightly and color variances will occur. To ensure accuracy, please wait until you receive your order before selecting and/or cutting mats and frames.

Artist Permissions

Most images in the Poems collection are available for direct printing onto fine art papers (smooth or textured), canvas, brushed aluminum, and acrylic. Abbreviated codes under each image correspond to the artist permissions required for custom printing. 

PST - Poster
PPR(S) - Fine Art Paper (Smooth)
PPR(T) - Fine Art Paper (Textured)
CVS - Canvas
ACR - Acrylic
ALU - Brushed Aluminum

Custom Publishing Projects

Poems’ images and select artists are available for custom development and proprietary publishing, including resizing of imagery (conditional upon artist approval) and quantity requirements. Contact us at 888.447.6367 for more information.

Images for Promotional Purposes

Poems will provide high-resolution files upon request to established trade accounts to facilitate selection, web-based display, promotion/advertising, and/or sales. Images generated from Poems-supplied files must be displayed at a maximum resolution of 800 pixels (the longest measurement) at 72 dpi. Poems images shall be displayed with NO watermark of any kind.

Legal Use

Poems’ images are not available for canvas transfer or other use without prior permission from the company and artists. All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from Poems Art Publishing.